Our baby girl was three weeks old when we found “Mama Maria.” My husband and I were really struggling with all of the adjustments that needed to be made and were also feeling insecure about some of our parenting decisions. This was indeed our first rodeo, and we had the added disadvantage of having no family members who could help us. Maria has been like adopted family. Every morning she is a ray of sunshine coming through the door. And, by the time she walks out of the door, she has gotten so much done. Not only does she care for our daughter so that I can catch up on sleep, she cooks us meals and snacks, does multiple loads of laundry, and tidies up the house to where we hardly recognize it. Maria is truly amazing!

Jennie W.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mama Maria! She came recommended to me by a friend when I first moved to the area with a baby and toddler. I was trying to figure out a new area and acclimate my children to a new home. Mama Maria helped us through this transition, i.e. sleep training, finding fun and interesting things to do in the area, and helping our household to become more organic. She is the first person I go to for advice when it comes to my little ones.

Morgan C.

I have been so blessed to have a mom who not only wants to support me as I transition into parenthood, but has amazing giftings and knowledge to do so! My Mama, Maria, has been present for each of my three daughters births and in the hours, days, and weeks following. When I lived in Arizona, during my first two daughters’ births, she came for 3 weeks (and visited regularly) to help me heal and ease me into motherhood with a(nother) new baby. She intuitively knew how to care for us all.

She enabled me to get rest when I could by tending to the household and baby, ensured I was eating enough nutritious foods and liquids, helped me establish nursing and routines, resourced and accompanied me on outings in my new reality, helped me navigate my wide range of emotions, answered my million and a half new mom questions with love, taught me how to bond with and enjoy my girls, and deeply loved and enjoyed her grandchildren as well.

It wasn’t until my friends shared their postpartum experiences that I realized how many people don’t have the gift I have.Shortly after my second daughter’s birth, we moved back to the Bay Area to be closer to family and pursue new careers. 6 months ago, we had our third daughter, and I still rely so much on my mom for guidance managing postpartum life/parenthood with 3 little ladies.

My mom has been supporting women through all stages of motherhood my entire life. She is the most natural “mother’s mother”. Due to this, as well as her integrated role in my life, she is equipped with both age-old experience and wisdom, while also up to date on the latest in baby gear, baby care, and struggles modern day moms are facing–especially in the unique atmosphere of the Bay Area.

Lisa L.