Prenatal Services

Have you walked into a baby store or department yet? One of the most overwhelming tasks as a new (or seasoned) parent is anticipating all the things you will need in your first days, months, and years of your child’s life. Then there’s the decision about where to put all the baby gear you have purchased! I’m here to help you prepare for your child’s arrival with confidence and ease!

Services offered:

Baby Gear Consultation

Together we will determine the necessary and best items for your family based on your lifestyle,  space limitations, transportation, routines, family size, and budget.

Baby Registry Companionship

Walk through your local baby store with registry scanner and list in hand, and me by your side. Even with a list, the endless and ever changing options can seem daunting. Seeing items in person can help you get a feel for your likes and dislikes. Together we can navigate the nuances. The goal is to end our shopping trip  with confidence that your registry is complete having selected the brands, styles, and quantities of all the baby gear most suited to your needs.

Nursery Set Up

Once the gifts and purchases start accumulating, you realize that one little person takes up a lot of space. You may not know how to use items or the best places to utilize them. During our time together, we will:

  • Find perfect locations throughout your home for gear and accessories to set you up for ease and preparedness with a newborn.
  • Determine which items need to be accessible right away and which can be stored for later months.
  • Discuss how to use your various baby items.