Essential Oils For Your Healthy Lifestyle

essential-oils-2535215_960_720Four years ago, at the age of 49, I was introduced to essential oils as part of a plan to return my body to health! I had already eliminated gluten from my diet for six months with no change to my bloated gut, brain fog, and constant fatigue.   With the help of a Functional Medicine Practitioner and the use of essential oils, supplements, organic fruits & vegetables, grass-fed meats, exercise and adequate sleep, I feel better than ever and have more energy! Sharing essential oils as a wellness advocate led to becoming a Certified Essential Oils Coach equipping myself to support others in their journey to health.

Contact me if you are interested in learning about incorporating essential oils into your wellness plan.  Please include your wellness goals and topics of interest on your form.

Essential Oils Topics of Interest:


Pregnancy, Birth and Baby
Clean Toxic Free Home
Oils of the Bible
Symphony of the Cells